Patient Participation Report 2012

June 2011

Posters were displayed in the surgery and notice on website. During our practice meeting it was discussed how best to reach the patient population, consideration being given to size of PPG (Patient Participation Group), ensuring fair representation, timetable/schedule and best method of approach. A Patient Consultation Contact Form was left out in reception and patients invited to complete, these were also posted out to patients who we felt were unable to attend the surgery or not contactable by email.

July 2011

A PPG was formed. The selection criteria: a representational group of the practice population. Where it was felt that this was not the case invitations were sent out to patients. It was made clear that obligations would not be to onerous and communication was also possible via email. Consideration was given to manageable size, age, sex, ethnicity and other social factors.

August 2011

Letters were sent out to the PPG asking for suggestions that would help form our annual survey, results of which would be used to help improve the services we offer.

November 2011

Responses to previous letter were collated and invites sent to PPG informing them of meeting to be held 29/11/11 to decide on the focus of the Patient Participation Survey. It was agreed at that meeting that the survey would focus on the quality of service we provide.

December 2011

Survey published on website, copies also in surgery, poster displayed and patients asked to complete opportunely.

February 2012

The survey captured responses to length of time and availability of a GP appointment, trust and communication with GP and staff. The responses were as follows:

93% found it extremely to moderately easy to schedule an urgent appointment
89% found the doctor spent about the right amount of time during consultation
86% trusted the doctor to make medical decisions in their best interests
74% found the doctor extremely/very helpful at explaining their medical conditions
81% felt the doctor listened to them extremely/very well
85% felt the doctor’s staff dealt with their needs extremely/very quickly
93% found the doctor’s staff extremely/very friendly
82% found the doctor’s staff extremely/very knowledgeable
81% were, overall, extremely/very satisfied with the surgery
89% were likely to recommend the surgery to family or friends

March 2012

In response to the survey findings appointment availability, length and convenience have been analysed.

  • An extra session has been made available during Monday morning.
  • An extension of the GP session Tuesday through to Thursday from 8.30 – 9.00am
  • An earlier start to the GP session on Friday from 8am onwards to facilitate patients at work and school.
  • The Saturday pre-booked surgery to rotate between GP led and nurse led sessions again to facilitate those needing a nurse appointment unable to attend during the week.
  • Patients are able to access services throughout core hours by telephone, email, via Patient Access and by walking into Reception. Consideration was given to those asking for longer GP appointment slots, however in view of the survey findings ,and in reflection that this would reduce the number of appointments available, it was decided to leave these unchanged.

Revised opening hours

Monday 9.00-13.00 16.00-18.30
Tuesday 8.30-13.00 16.00-18.30
Wednesday 8.30-13.00 Closed
Thursday 8.30-13.00 16.00-18.30
Friday 8.00-13.00 16.00-18.30
Saturday 8.00-9.30 (Pre-booked only, no walk in)
Out of hours 18.30-8.00 13.00-16.00 (OOH relay to our GP’s)