Weight Loss Management

Our medical students have developed some resources as part of a project to encourage healthy lifestyle changes. Find some useful links below.

Eat Better

NHS Better Health – tools to help you get started on your weight loss journey, including the NHS weight loss plan app, healthy eating advice and quick tips to improve your meals!

Healthy Eating, Punjabi Cuisine – recipe substitutes from the Heart and Stroke Foundation for a South Asian diet

NHS Healthier Families – includes the NHS food scanner app that shows a range of healthier swaps for when you shop

Healthy Recipe Search – recipe finder from the British Heart Foundation which caters to a wide variety of cuisines, including African Caribbean, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African, Chinese and more!

Move More

NHS Fitness Studio – Free fitness videos for all levels of experience and mobility. Pyjama Pilates, wake-up workouts and more!

Chair-based Pilates – Pilates-inspired exercise which is suitable for people who have difficulty exercising on the floor

Hillingdon Activities for Over-65s – a range of fun and friendly exercise classes and activities for over-65s to help improve balance, strength and overall fitness

Developed by Alanna Pandey and Varsha Krishnan (Imperial College London)