Flu Clinic

If you are eligible to have a flu vaccination, you have or shortly will be receiving an invitation from us.

Who is eligible? You should have the flu vaccine if you:

  • Are 65 years old or over
  • Are pregnant
  • Have certain medical conditions
  • Are living in a long-stay residential care home or another long-stay care facility
  • Receive a carer’s allowance, or you’re the main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill
  • Live with someone who’s at high risk of Coronavirus (on the NHS shielded patient list) or you expect to be with them on most days over winter
  • Children aged 2 or 3 on 31st August 2020. They must be born on or after 01/09/2016, and on or before 31/08/2018 – If you have a religious or ethical reason for declining the flu vaccination for your child, this year we can offer an alternative.

If you are not eligible but would still like to have the vaccine please contact your local pharmacy as they might be offering this service. 

With COVID-19 still active within the community, we need to reduce the risk of the NHS becoming overwhelmed. You can help by booking your appointment for a flu jab this year!

This year, we will be running our flu clinics differently to ensure that we are COVID safe. 

Please follow these instructions when you arrive for your appointment:

  • Attend on your own unless you need help in mobilising.
  • We will aim to operate one way system during the flu clinic this year to ensure we are COVID safe. You will be directed by the queue Marshall where to enter and leave the premises.
  • Walk to the practice if you are able to.
  • Do not arrive early or late for your appointment time: we have allocated a strict number of patients per period to ensure that people are queueing for the minimum of time and social distancing is maintained.
  • Please wear a face covering.
  • We encourage you not to touch anything in the practice.
  • Please follow the instructions for queuing. The queue will be controlled to ensure social distancing. If you are in a wheelchair or have very limited mobility, please make yourself know to the queue marshall.
  • If it is raining on the day, please come prepared with an umbrella as the queue will be outside for a short period of time.
  • There will be no chairs available to sit while waiting, and you will not be able to sit whilst having the vaccination (for infection control). If you think you will struggle with this, please speak to the queue marshall on arrival.
  • Wear clothing which makes it easy to expose your upper arm.
  • Do not attend if you or any members of your household have symptoms of coronavirus, or if you have been told to isolate. Contact us the following week and we will rebook you when you are able to leave isolation.
  • Please follow the instructions of the staff who are supervising the patient flow – they are there for your safety.